Our techniques and tools were born out of the wisdom of living in Tsubame-sanjo. Behind our craftsmanship is the spirit of artisans going back more than a hundred years.

Origin of manucafturing amidst the development of the metal smithing industry

In 1907 (40th year of the Meiji era), Kasahara Yasuri Seisakujo, the predecessor of Tsuboe Co. was founded in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture.
Tsubame City, with its rich natural environment, including the magnificent Echigo Plain, Mt. Yahiko towering above it, and the Shinano River, is known as a manufacturing town, along with the neighboring Sanjo City.
Tsubame City, together with its neighbor Sanjo City, are collectively known as a center of craftsmanship. Metalware and western tableware made with the skills of masters cultivated over many years have been enjoyed as gems not only in Japan, but also throughout the world. The development of the metal industry in Tsubame City is an inseparable part of our manufacturing lineage.

Thoughts behind the company name

When the founder, Kotaro Kasahara started manufacturing files, it is said that there were as many as 400 file factories in Tsubame City. Today, there are only three companies manufacturing files in Tsubame City. Why did file manufacturing flourish and then decline so much? It is not clearly mentioned even in the Tsubame industrial history.
It is said that the word “tsubo,” which inspired our company name TSUBOE, is derived from a jar containing lead, which is used to anneal the steel used to make the files. Kure City in Hiroshima Prefecture, known as a production center of files, also has many company names and products named “TSUBO”, which is said to be attained from the jar containing miso applied to steel during quenching to improve hardness. This is reflected in our company name today with the belief that the manufacturing of quality products is not confined to a single area.

An endless curiosity and adventure

The production of grating tools based on file manufacturing technology began when Eiji Kasahara, the third-generation leader of the company, oversaw the production of grating tools. Through repeated prototyping, he understood the depth of Japanese cooking with its broad usage of “grating” techniques, and derived the best arrangement of blades and optimal metal materials to best support those practices. This led to the development of Tsuboe’s grater products and laid the foundation for the company as a manufacturer specializing in metal graters.
This technology was further developed by the following generations, and led to the establishment of a new brand we see today.

Engaging work environment creats a good quality production

For generations, we have been committed to introducing machines and equipment that support the manufacturing of our own products with the aim of maintaining the precision and quality of our products.
Despite being in the metalworking industry, we have many female staff members. We strive to create a comfortable working environment for both men and women by eliminating as much as possible the stresses of dirt, smells, and noise that come to mind when one thinks of working in a factory. We believe that it is our role to work together as a team to promote the appeal of manufacturing.


Feb., 2022 「Tsuboe Gokujou OROSHIGANE -hako-」 was awarded the IDS
Award at the 29th NIIGATA IDS Design Competition 2020
Oct., 2020 「Tsuboe Gokujou OROSHIGANE -hako-」 was awarded the Best 100
Good Design Award in 2020
Dec., 2020 「irogami -piece of grater-」 was awarded the Good Design Award,
Athenaeum Museum, Chicago
Feb., 2021 「Honmetate technique(OROSHIGANE manufacturing)」 was awarded
the Central Niigata Meister.
March 2021 「irogami -piece of grater-」 was awarded second Prize at the 29th NIIGATA IDS Design Competition 2021
March 2021 「irogami -piece of grater」 was awarded second Prize at the 44th Japan Tsubame Industrial Design Competition 2021 (Director-General's Award of the Manufacturing Industries Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
March 2021 Tsuboe Co., Ltd. received Tsubame Women Support Award.
Sept., 2021 「irogami -piece of grater」 was selected on the JIDA design museum selection volume 23.
Oct., 2021 「Tsuboe Gokujou OROSHIGANE -kakuzara-」 and 「Tsuboe Gokujou ORISHIGANE -maruzara-」 were awarded the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021.
March 2022 「Tsuboe Gokujou OROSHIGANE -kakuzara-」 and 「Tsuboe Gokujou ORISHIGANE -maruzara-」 were awarded the first prize at the Japan Tsubame Industrial Design competition.
July 2022 「Tsuboe Gokujou OROSHIGANE -kakuzara-」 and 「Tsuboe Gokujou ORISHIGANE -maruzara-」 were awarded the gold prize at the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards.
July 2022 「irogami -piece of grater」 was awarded the silver prize at the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards.
July 2022 「Tsuboe Gokujou OROSHIGANE -hako-」 was awarded the bronze prize at the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards.
Sept., 2022 「irogami -piece of grater」 was awarded the first prize at the 94th Tokyo International Gift Show Autumun.


Company Tsuboe Co., Ltd.
Address 8-4 Saiwai-cho, Tsubame-shi, Niigata, Japan
Zip 959-1254
TEL (+81)(0)256-64-2772
E-mail info@tsuboe.co.jp
CEO Shinji Kasahara
Capital 10 million yen
The date of founding company January, 1984
The date of establishment business June, 1907
Category of industry Manufacturing of metal blades